Don Quixote all done… for now.

It’s been approximately eight months of research, leg work, rehearsal, making and everything else in between. Don Quixote by Bicycle has finished it’s current run. Hopefully it will be able to move on to venues further afield next year.

Always nice to end a job on a high, with sell-out audiences and good feedback from a variety of sources.

Here are two snippets from the internet about the show:

Don Quixote by Bicycle

Don Quixote finally set off on it’s adventure last Friday. Sadly the weather for the first show decided to rain non-stop. Soggy actors and audience persevered though! Cyclists are hardy people and this goes along with outdoor theatre/performance of any kind. You keep going, as long as it’s safe to. The audience hopefully appreciate it, as we appreciate them sticking with us! They were troopers, the youngest on a bike being a girl of around 4 or 5. She kept going and the company have nothing but the upmost respect for her!

Sunday provided gorgeous weather and as a result a sold-out and energised audience. It’s incredible how their interaction can affect how you see/play your character. That afternoon it firmly clicked into place and helped upped my performance as well as try a few new things out.

All in all a good start, and another weekend to go in Exeter. Tickets are selling well so take the chance and join in the adventure on your bicycle.