Peter Weller – some handy hints.

Earlier this week, I spent a splendid evening at a Mondo Monday at Plymouth Arts Centre watching a double bill of Tokyo Gore Police and RoboCop.

A quick note on the former film which was, interesting, it clearly revels in it’s gory and bizarre effects. These effects are impressive as they are ludicrous. At 110 mins long though it outstays it’s welcome. In there is an interesting 70 min film, but it’s worth watching if you like to watch the more outlandish Japanese output! The themes, for me, had also been touched upon in a much better fashion by Cronenberg’s Videodrome, which I will always recommend.

For the latter, RoboCop remains a great film. The remake is going to find it hard, if not impossible, to live up to the mix of satire, pathos, humanity, effects and acting of the original. It is a cut above many of the action flicks of the 80’s. The films leading man – Peter Weller – does an excellent job under all that suit/armour. It’s a performance I admire greatly and he remains a criminally underrated actor. Whilst searching around YouTube, for any snippet of an interview with him. I found this (there is bad language so play at own risk!) –

Here he talks about RoboCop, but also his other career as a director, which I was unaware of. This leads him to a passionate and very entertaining rant about acting and directing. Now there are intricacies of the ‘Method’ which at times, to me, seem at odds to storytelling. Although a lot of my favourite actors are steeped within this discipline so it can pay to listen. This is just such an occasion as Weller talks about the ‘physical life’ of a scene. I shan’t break it down, as he does a much better job then I could! It’s clear, passionately advocated and something I’ll be keeping in mind the next time I’m rehearsing/performing.

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